Products :New crop fresh natural pure white garlic

Varieties:Snow white garlic,super white garlic,China white garlic

Size: 3-4.5cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm and Up

Edibleness: Reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition and immunity

Supplying Period: All the year round

(1) Fresh garlic: from June to September

(2) Cold stocking garlic: from September to next May

Exporting Standard

No root,no black mould,no splits, no internal germination growth, no insects or fungous stuff

Plump,thick bright skin, whole and strong texture

Transporting Temperature:-3 ℃ – 0 ℃

Supply Ability: 1000tons per month

Shelf Life: Can be stored for up to 9 months under proper conditions